Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Message from Archange Metatron

Teachings on the Life & Past Times of Yeshua
A Message from The Archangel Metatron

Aloha Everyone & Happy Easter,

I am happy to announce that The Celestial Voice Newsletter & Blog now returns after another very long break.

The following is an enlightening spiritual message from the Archangel Metatron. This message has been excerpted from a personal reading that I originally channeled in spoken word and now have edited into written word with the intention of sharing it with a wider audience. All personal information has been removed leaving only the universal wisdom teachings that can apply to us all during these times of transformation. During this angelic communication session many questions were asked about the crucification, resurrection, and ascension. This newsletter contains Archangel Metatron's response to those questions. Even though this angelic communication session did not happen recently I thought it was the perfect Easter Message. The subject of this message is one that is relevant to all of us, here and now. Whether you believe in Angels or not, may the wisdom contained within this newsletter help you on your own personal spiritual path.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Celestial Voice. If you'd like to share it with others please feel free to forward this in it's entirety, with the copyright info and credits to your friends and loved ones.

This message is a bit lengthly even after editing but it's well worth the read!

In Love & Light,
Rev. Ana Jones

An Easter Message

Teachings on The Life
& Past Times of Yeshua
from Archangel Metatron

Channeled by Rev. Ana Jones

It is I the Archangel Metatron who chooses to respond to your questions and intentions at this time. In your mind it may make sense for Sananda/Yeshua to speak directly for Himself. But what I can tell you is that Yeshua’s humility is great, and if you wish to receive more details of Yeshua’s complete story it is best to receive that through the messengers and through what I am to deliver to you today.

It is not the same to hear the story the way that he describes it, because his humility keeps him from sharing some of the grand and magnificent aspects of it. Just as if you were to share the story of your life, your humility would keep you from explaining some of the things the same way that someone who knows you and loves you and sees the grandness and greatness of your life could explain that and share it. However, that being said, it does not mean that Sananda’s/Yeshua’s own telling of the story is not important.

For now, however, I choose to speak to you about this and to let you know that we are so thankful and grateful that you have asked these questions because there is so much confusion and misunderstanding. I cannot say that today, in these limited words and in this limited time, I will be able to dispel all of that confusion for you. I cannot say nor promise you that today, in this limited time and in these limited words, that the whole Truth will be known.

The Whole Truth is revealed throughout one’s whole journey and throughout the whole of time. The Whole Truth is revealed in your relationship with the Divine and in your relationship with the whole manifestation of the Divine. The Whole Truth is experienced and learned in your explorations with the Whole.

Desiring to understand everything at once is one of the greatest mistakes that human beings make; believing that one can conceive of the unconceivable (immediately). You continue to think that you can understand the inconceivable Whole Truth in a moment, in a word, in a concept that is in and of itself—and of its own nature—limited by nature.

That which is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient is without limitation. To know the Whole, those limitations must be removed; the Whole must be approached differently. That said, there is a great deal of clarity that can be added to your current understanding and that is my intention today.

The first thing that you have asked about is the Crucifixion, the Crucifixion of Christ, Yeshua. The secrets, the mysteries were indeed known by the Essenes, but especially a group within them who call themselves the Kaloo. The Kaloo can now be traced to the Essenes only by those who have the memory or whose memory is being triggered. They hold the mystery teachings of their Mystery School. The Essenes could be seen as a great mystery school of ancient times, and the Kaloo that you are asking about are keepers and bearers of some of those greatest mysteries.

There is a reason why they are called “mysteries.” And the most wise and illumined ones of ancient and of modern days know that it doesn’t matter how much you know, how much you understand, because what you are attempting to know and understand is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. There will always be a mystery element to it. Those who were the greatest adepts then (and now) within the mystery schools always honor The Mystery because they know that no matter how much you know, you still do not know all, you still are not omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent. There will always be The Mystery.

I begin to speak to you about the Mystery first because it needs to be honored, first and last. Regardless of the details I give you today, the Mystery is foremost and it is to be honored in the end and the beginning. Because there is far more than what you can understand. Because the Christ that was crucified and resurrected in that time and in that place, and whose stories you can read and hear and have been told for millennia, is indeed a Divine avatar.

This word avatar is an ancient word from an ancient language; it is a language connected to the Language of Light, which is the language of the Angels. There are very few languages left on the planet that originate from the Language of Light. Sanskrit is one of those languages. The sanskrit word “avatar” indicates The Presence, the Divine presence, the Divine energy of God that expands from God—an expansion that descends and incarnates upon the Earth. Indeed Yeshua is such an expansion; Yeshua is an avatar. The more you understand about avatars the greater your understanding will be. For God has the ability to expand infinitely into all beings, yes. But not all beings (even though they are nothing but God) are avatars, avatars are direct expansions of a personal quality, trait, mission, or purpose of the Heart, the Heart of God. There is no other way to explain this in your limited language.

The Sacred Heart teachings will take you deeper and deeper into your mystical explorations of these things. The reason why the highest spiritual path for one to follow is the path of personal mysticism is because that is your personal exploration into the Mystery. Your personal revelations will come through that mystery. Personal explorations into the Sacred Heart will reveal more to you about this.

There is another question which has not been asked today; a very important question to answer in helping you to understand what the Crucifixion was, why it happened, why it occurred, why all these things happened. There is a phrase (used in other cultures more than it is used in yours) called “past times.” The Past Times of God, the Divine Past Times are to be considered, and there is so much more to it than just the passing of time. So I will use your own past times to describe it to you. When you have a lifetime, an incarnation, there are many past times that you play out in that lifetime. Those past times are directly the things that bring you the experience that you are meant to have, the growth you are meant to have, the lessons you are meant to learn. They bring you the spiritual evolution that is meant to come about. But these are human past times, so there is a lot of learning and a lot of growing involved.

The Divine past times, the Past Times of God, are described by the sanskrit word “Leela,” a word coming from the origin of the Language of Light, a word which means the Dance/Play of the Light, the Dance/Play of God. These past times, or this dance and play of God, however you choose to refer to it, are all to help you approach your relationship with the Divine. Every past time of every avatar (and there have been many expansions, direct expansions and indirect expansions, yet all incarnations of Divinity) is to help you deepen in that relationship.

So thus we come to the past time of the Crucifixion. The first thing I can say is to use this word Leela, meaning the “Dance or Play of Light”, or the “Dance or Play of God.” This Leela, which indeed it was, was to help you in your relationship with the Divine, with God. This past time is for all of those who carry guilt, shame, blame, anger, all of those things that make them feel unworthy, undeserving, and disempowered. The list of emotions goes on and on, ultimately to be inclusive of all of those things that become the reasons and the excuses that people use to disempower themselves and to disconnect themselves. All of those things which make them say they are unworthy or undeserving of a relationship with God, or unworthy or undeserving of God’s Love, or even more so, that God is going to punish them.

This Leela, this past time, was indeed for all of those things to be cleared away. This was the purpose of the Crucifixion: for all of those things to be cleared away. It was the original intention, and it is still the intention. Shame, blame, fear is to be cleared. And while there are many who understand that this intention was there, they’ve continued to use the emotions of blame, shame, guilt, fear, and anger to perpetuate their interpretation and understanding of how one should react to the Crucifixion, what one should think or believe about the Crucifixion, rather than simply just let it do what it was meant to do. It was an example, a Divine Leela, a past time of God to show and demonstrate complete and utter surrender and love, and in doing so to reveal through that which came next, the Resurrection of the Truth.

What is this Truth? The Truth that there is no death; that death is an illusion.

The Crucifixion and the Resurrection both combined were Divine Past Times to reveal to you and to everyone how to release all of these things, all of these fears. The lesson is to release anger, greed, blame, shame, all of the things that disempower you and disconnect you and keep you from engaging in that relationship with the Divine and being who you really are. And to remind you, through the Resurrection, of who you really are—that there is no death, there is only eternal life, for who you are is a spirit soul. You may not be an avatar like Christ, but you are an eternal spirit soul.

Yeshua was an avatar; yet it was very, very crucial that he be seen, felt, and known by his humanness. It was crucial that all of his humanness be revealed to reflect to you who you are and the Truth of your reality. It was crucial to inspire you to surrender, to release all of those debilitating emotions once and for all, to be willing to release everything and anything, for the Highest purpose and to serve the Highest Good. It was a crucial example so that you can be ready and willing at all times in every way, in every situation to be a living model of True Forgiveness, to be a living model of Unconditional Love. This was the mission of the Christ avatar, to be a living model of Unconditional Love, to show you who you are, that you are indeed eternal.

You asked about the Resurrection and the reappearance after the Resurrection. The physical body after the Resurrection, the physical body of Yeshua, was not the way that you see and feel a physical body at this time, it was literally transmuted into the Lightbody. And then at the Ascension the Lightbody became fully activated, the Merkabah became fully activated, and upon that full activation, ascended. The Ascension part of that past time, that part of the Divine Leela, was to show you, all of you, all of humanity, your future. Not only what is possible and what you are capable of, but what your destinies hold. Each one of these—the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, the Ascension— each past time was absolutely necessary and required. Without one of them, the others would not have had as much significance and potency. Had there been the Ascension without the Crucifixion or without the Resurrection, it would not have as much potency. Potency is to trigger things deep within you. The potency of all three of these past times combined is to trigger things within your DNA, things within your soul memory: to trigger your passions, your dreams, on the emotional and mental level, to trigger your compassion, to awaken your unconditional love.

All of these past times were possible because of unconditional love, for unconditional love, out of unconditional love. This part is absolutely True. But those who teach it and preach it as a reason for people to be afraid or as a reason for people to allow themselves to be even more disempowered, this is all motivated by corruption, this is all coercion and manipulation. The taking of that Truth and twisting it for one’s own personal agenda or personal gain has been happening again and again and again. But even this is to be forgiven, surrendered, and put into the light of unconditional love. Because all that is being triggered and all that is being awakened by these past times is being transformed, transmuted and healed through each one of these experiences. It is being transformed, transmuted and healed through each one of these perversions, coercions and manipulations. The healing can take place, it need not be difficult, it need not be painful. Some have a great deal of karma that they have to work out with this, and you cannot judge them as they are going through that karma.

Neither do you need to judge yourselves. The inner critic can be very harsh and needs to be forgiven and transcended, transcended into the Christ Consciousness. For what all are destined for in the journey of the ascension, in the process of the ascension, is the coming into Christ Consciousness: Self-realization and God-realization. This is Christ Consciousness, both combined, for Christ was a Self-realized human being and a Divine avatar simultaneously—he showed how to be Self aware and God Conscious. There are those who understand this and describe it in different ways. Every path, every tradition that exists will describe it differently. They use different terms than what I have given you today. Listen to the ones that resonate with the Truth within your own heart. Keep trusting that truth in your heart more and more and more, for you all still have many doubts.

We always encourage questioning, we do not encourage doubting. So continue to question further. The answers I have given you here today are to further you on your quest. I encourage you to lift any of those doubts, any of those veils that disguise or hide those doubts, to that place of acceptance. For you are indeed being asked to accept all things, all beings, all Truth. And here is where the difficulty lives: how do you accept all things, all beings, all Truth when not everything is True? There is truth in everything but not everything is true. Herein lies the struggle of everyone who knew Yeshua and everyone who has come since Yeshua. What I can tell you is that the key to the end to this struggle is to not collapse that Truth into one idea or one concept. That way you can accept that presence of Truth, in the spirit of Truth, everywhere and in all things, without limiting it. It is difficult to describe, but it is the path that Yeshua took and The Way that Yeshua described and taught.

Yeshua taught worldwide during what is described as the lost years. There are mystery school stories and teachings that speak of his journeys to the Americas, North and South, that speak of his journeys to every major continent on the Earth—Asia, Europe, Africa. And while some of those stories are not public and remain within the mystery schools that still exist, mystics still carry these stories and teachings. Many are known and many have been revealed.

Yeshua’s was a journey in which he approached each and every group of people throughout the world that he connected with in a way resonant with how they approached him. He didn’t present his culture to them; he didn’t present the Jewish culture to them. He taught them The Way in their culture, the way that it can be lived and experienced and in alignment with the Truth that is omnipotent and ever present within their culture. This is another mistake that so many people make: they think that The Way and the culture that are described in the sacred books and sacred texts which describe Yeshua’s life and long before Yeshua’s life, that those things, those pearls of wisdom, those essential universal teachings all have to maintain the same cultural perspective. No. The cultural perspective changes.

In fact you must always, every time you read those sacred texts, always, always take into consideration the cultural perspective that is within it, the cultural perspective that that Universal Law or those Universal Teachings or that that Universal Truth is being manifest within. That cultural perspective must always be something that you are aware of and able to filter out when necessary. Bring it in when it is appropriate, when it is appropriate and when it feels right, and when needed filter it out in order to see the greater Truth that is there. For ultimately to see the whole Truth, the whole Truth of God, you must look at the Whole. How God is seen and known in every single culture is Universal, yet there are unique differences, unique faces and avatars of God that each of those cultures have experienced. These differences add to that depth of relationship, that depth of Love that can be there in that human-Divine relationship.

Yeshua did not impose a culture upon anyone, and indeed reciprocated with people of various cultures in the way in which he was approached. This is the same way that he dealt with those of the Jewish culture. It is the same way that he dealt with the Romans and the Roman culture. He reciprocated with them in the way in which he was approached. Why? This is very important. Because it is another thing that is not understood and is very confused and manipulated and twisted in its understanding. God reciprocates, responds and reacts to each and every one of you in the way in which you approach.

This is why there are so many different expressions, explanations, understandings and descriptions of the human-Divine relationship. The important thing is that reciprocation, to honor your free will that has been given to you as your most sacred Divine gift. In order that unconditional Love can be given and received, this reciprocity must be there. It is out of Love, for Love, and because of Love. The best example that you can have of this is with your own children. The best example that anyone can experience in human life of this is with one’s children—reciprocating with them in the way in which they approach you. This means not necessarily that you reciprocate in anger if they approach you in anger. That is not what I am saying, because when they are angry, they are afraid or confused or hurt. When one is approaching with anger, this isn’t really what one is approaching with. (They are approaching with a strong emotion). It is best to reciprocate to those strong emotions with strong emotions but by listening, comforting, helping, guiding, teaching, whatever is required, because you Love them. And because you Love them you want to see their highest good always come about. This is the best example that I can give you, even though it is still limited compared to the all-encompassing unconditional love that God has for all of you.

Yeshua used the ancient Aramaic name of “Aboon” to call God. This name I give to you today. It is both masculine and feminine, mother and father, in nature and in origin within its roots from the Aramaic language. That name is within the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer that was so important then and is still so important to you now. But as much as that prayer is and always will be important on your spiritual journey, it is now this one word, this name that I point out; and I want it to stand out. Why? Because another thing that stands out about this name is how personal it is. It is not impersonal. It is very personal. Love is not an impersonal thing. Knowledge, wisdom, reverence, all of these things, can be very impersonal and that is fine. They are all needed; both the personal and the impersonal are needed. But Love is very personal. It is very personal to Yeshua. And Yeshua has a very personal relationship with you.

This understanding is why I revealed this message. Sananda is the aspect of Christ that is the Cosmic Christ or the Universal Form of Christ. Yeshua is the personal. They are one and the same, yet they are different expansions or expressions of that one. For far too long, far too many people have made this more complicated than it has to be. Is it complex? Yes, absolutely. And with great complexity there tends to be a human tendency to take that complexity and to make it complicated for yourselves, turning complexity into complication. And I’ve attempted today to give you the most simple of answers; simple responses to these complex things.

Keep it simple and keep it pure. In Yeshua’s words, when he described that the meek would inherit the Earth, this did not mean the weak, as some have interpreted it. It means the Pure. And by inheriting the Earth he did not mean that you have ownership of, but that you would step into your empowerment as the servants, masters, and co-creators that you are, to co-create the future of this planet, the future of humanity.

Those who are pure of heart, pure in their intentions, who attempt to purify their consciousness to that place of pure Self-realization, pure God-consciousness will inherit the Earth. They will be the servants of God and the masters of co-creation to guide this planet forward to its destiny, to the ascension. For it is not just human beings who are ascending, the Earth is ascending. It is its destiny as well. And it doesn’t matter what age you are in your physical body. Physical age is of no importance. It is how you think, and how you feel. It is how certain you are, how clear, pure, and grounded in that knowing of who you are as a spirit soul—an ageless, eternal, immortal self.

I thank you for asking these questions today.

There will never be a time in which you know it all, or will have done it all. There will always be the Mystery.

This message is to excite and entice you, because Love is not alluring otherwise.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Great Awakening : Our Journey to Enlightenment

A Message from Avalokiteshvara, The Awakened One

Channeled by Rev. Ana Jones

"I am neither a guide nor an angel but an ascended being. Some would know me and call me a Buddha in the sense of what the term means, enlightened one, awakened one. Those who have understanding of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and numerous other higher beings associated with love and compassion who were working with the earth would know me by the name of Avalokateshvara, also known as the great being of light, the great awakened one, the great Buddha of light.

The Sleep has been something that you have experienced for sometime now. That is why it is called awakening, because it is like coming out of a deep sleep, a sleep that is like a cloud that covers the consciousness. The most important thing is to just simply awaken out of The Sleep and to stay awake, keep making the choice to stay awake. It does need to be a continual choice on your part. There is no going back, but you can fall asleep again. So you need to be diligent in your path in this life. Nurture your awakening, honor it. Engage yourself in it, body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Let your passion and your enthusiasm, your joy for this journey be your motivating force.

Enlightenment is not a dream. It is not a fantasy. There are those that walk upon this earth right now as embodiments of enlightenment, fully awakened ones. There are those who have attained this and have left this earth and serve it from other realms, from other dimensions, and other places in the Universe.

I am one such being that has fully awakened, that is fully enlightened and serves humanity now as a great being of light, that is who I am.

Broaden your awareness, you are to broaden the systems through which you learn and integrate paths into your one path for in this life. The journey to enlightenment is a journey to wholeness; it is the journey of integration, of synergy and synthesis, and of drawing all things into oneness and union.

Thus, there is a need for you to open and broaden your mind and your heart. Open and broaden, welcome in different beliefs, explore different paths, and learn to integrate them. Integration is the key to ensuring that you do not get lost in them. For you see, all of the great spiritual traditions of the world simply show the way. They are all showing the way: the way to enlightenment, the way to the ascended state of consciousness, the way to pure love, to your experience of the eternal truth, and the way home. They all are ‘The Way’, but they each can be entangling as well. It is important not to get entangled in the systems but to instead extract the essence and to integrate that essence.

You must cultivate depth and at the same time breadth in your journey, broadening and deepening simultaneously. This is a difficult task to achieve in the age in which you have chosen to incarnate. Even though it is a difficult time to achieve enlightenment in this age, it is also a time in which it can be done faster and more powerfully when attained.

There is an old saying that difficulty and opportunity are one and the same. That which is most difficult is presenting the greatest of opportunities for enlightenment ---and so it is with this time period in which you find yourself.

Some of the other reasons why you have chosen for this to be the time [for enlightenment]is because there is more help and assistance coming to humanity and coming to the earth now than ever before in earth’s history; coming from other realms from other beings. There is more grace and mercy during this time than any other time before. It has been chosen for this to be a key pivotal time in earth’s history, and in human history for there to be a mass awakening to occur, a great awakening of humanity. Ultimately there is only so far one can go on your own without others as well.

Those who have left this plane and have left the earthly life serve as spiritual guides and guardians, some even serve as masters working with humans and with the earth. They understand that everything is interconnected and all of us are benefited, all of us even myself, are benefited by the upliftment and the enlightenment of all beings. Even I will be able to advance and evolve as more and more awaken. However, this is not my intention and my purpose in what it is that I do or why I serve.

This is a very important part of my message for you to realize: that even though enlightenment is what you have chosen for this lifetime and reaching that fullness of your awakening is possible for the human race, this is not the reason for going about what you need to do in your life. It should not be your motivation. The paradox is that when [enlightenment] is your motivation, and when you are motivated in that way, you are driven by self-desire and motivations for self fulfillment and that, in and of itself, is enough to keep you from it. Selflessness and selfless service instead needs to become the focus, the motivation behind things. A centeredness and grounding in your true Self enables you to do this without attachment and without giving away of your power.

Self-sacrifice and selfless service cannot be done if you are not centered and grounded in your Self. First you have to know your Self and be centered in your Self before you can be selfless in a true, honorable, noble and humble way. It is true humility that enlightenment brings. A sign of enlightenment is true humility. It can often be the ego that fools you and tricks you. It is often the ego that gives you a false illusion of self and this must be your focus first and foremost, to understand the ego and be able to discern the difference between your higher mind and your ego, to understand the difference between who you are at your essence, your core, what some would call the spirit or the soul. What I would call the Buddha nature, to understand the difference between that and the ego, to have clear discernment in that truth.

It begins with all the things that you learn, and those lessons begin with each step that you take and each choice that you make."

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Use Your Power Wisely & Never Look Back

Happy Spring Equinox! The Return of The Greening is Upon Us!

The following is an Angelic Message that I channeled long ago, yet as I reread it, I was struck by how much within it directly pertains to all of us, right here, right now. It is the perfect Spring Equinox message that inspires me greatly and that I hope will also inspire each of you!! After reading this and editing it for you, I am deepening my resolve at this equinox (new birth) time to be conscioous of my every word, thought, and deed. I invite each of you as you read this message to look carefully at "the critical mind" and bring it to the light.

This message has been excerpted from a personal reading that was channeled in spoken word. It has been transcribed and edited into written word for the purpose of sharing it with you and a wider audience. All personal information has been removed leaving only the universal wisdom teachings that can apply to us all.

In Love & Light,
Rev. Ana Jones

Don’t Look Back, Look Forward!

It is I, the angel named Adam, that chooses to bring you this message today. What is it that you say? You wish things could be just like they were or like they used to be? My dear child, do not wish for things to be “like they were.” Begin catching yourself whenever you think that and when you say anything about it. Even when you are thinking or speaking in reference to the way it was a month ago, two months ago, a day ago… do not wish for things to be like they were. Instead, wish for the ability to accept things as they are, to be totally at peace at each moment with the way things are. Be in a place of acceptance with who you are, and with the movement through time and space that all of you are taking in your paths right now.

Begin to eliminate the desire for the past to return, remove that thought in your consciousness. Remove these words “I wish things could just be the way they were” and remove every similar statement from your vocabulary. Once you do, a profound shift will begin to happen.

The number one main reason why it is so vital and important to us to see you stop wishing for things to be the way they were is because of what that communicates deep into your unconscious minds. Wishing for things to be “the way they were” continues to stir the old unhealthy patterns. There is no better way for me to describe it to you.

Take these words that I am speaking to you very seriously, stop wishing for things to be “the way they were” and start wishing and praying for peace in the moment. Learn to meditate and center yourself in such a way in which you can be fully mindful of all that is. Live in a state of mindfulness in the present moment continuing to move forward and projecting your energy towards the future with a new vision of what that future will be.

Now is a major turning point; a time to take quantum leaps in your human evolution. Everything is evolving: the body, the mind, heart and soul. Everything in this life is different as far as the situations, the scenarios, the people, the places, the environment, etc. Now in the midst of this change exists a more peaceful, loving, supporting, and conducive environment for each of you to be able to do what you need to do. So it is very important that you do not let yourself go into fear which will take you downhill. Do not slip backwards in any way, shape, or form. Continue to stay focused in the now, in the present and focused on the future and do not wish for anything to be like the past.

Your future is very bright!. You have not passed the best of days, the best of years, you still have those to come I can promise you that and you can continue to look forward to it. Move in that direction without longing for the past, without yearning for the past or being sad about it.

One very important thing to do in handling the situation right now is to not take things personally. Simply find your truth, find your center, and reestablish yourself in universal truth.

Stay focused and ever mindful in the present, and in what brings you joy and what brings you love. Now is the time to focus on the things that you love and things that you love to do. There is so much that you love and experience joy from.

Make steps to open yourself beyond the comfort zones that you have lived in for so long. You are being asked to expand yourself and stretch yourself to new directions and to new paths and I can guarantee you that there will be new comfort zones and new support along the way.

Part of the new expansion, is an expanding of your mind and expanding of your consciousness past and beyond your fears. There is no fear except fear itself, and the only thing that I can say is that there is no greater power to overcome it than to simply make choices of faith and trust and then follow through with them. Do what you know you must do for your highest good and the highest good of others in spite of the fear. Believe in yourself again because we believe in you.

Use your Power Wisely

Last, but certainly not least, send out prayers for healing….

One of the things that all of the angels working with every being on this planet is very concerned with is the energies that are circulating in the sound fields in and around this planet. Let me explain what I mean by this. Sound creates energy vibrations that travel in waves like the ripples in the waves of a pond. If you drop a pebble in a pond it creates a circle of ripples and that circle maintains itself. It just grows larger and larger and keeps expanding and spreading itself out. When you make a sound, that same thing is happening through an energy field that we call “the sound fields”. Each sound extends out to create a collective sound field and those sound fields are energy fields that are very powerful. For sound as we know it, as we work with it, as we ourselves are part guardians of the power of sound, has the ability to create or destroy. Sound itself has the ability to create life, to create and sustain matter or destroy it.

The sound fields on this earth, and the sound fields around the earth emanating out of the earth are sound fields that are very dissonant at this time and not harmonic. More and more the sounds made with joy, with love, with intent, with high consciousness connected to it is needed. Every sound ripples infinitely in the sound field. Sounds of joy, sounds of harmony, sounds that are harmonic and are made with the positive intention of love and joy are more powerful than any of the sounds that create dissonance in the sound fields, this includes every word that you speak and sound that you make with your body/your instrument. The sounds of machines, motors, engines, lawn mowers, jack hammers, trucks, cars, and others sounds that come from most mechanical devices create a dissonance in the sound fields and are made without consciousness, without emotion, and without intent. But even as powerful and as loud as those sounds may be, there is nothing as powerful as the song of a little flute blowing in the wind being played with love and joy; being played for healing, being played for pleasure and joy to be brought to others, being played as an offering for those that it goes out to.

Be aware dear one that every word and every sound you make through your body temple, through your physical instrument goes out to far more than just those who directly hear it. It goes out to the wind, to the sky, to the sun, and to the moon. It goes out to mother earth. They all hear it. It goes out to us. It goes out to God. It reverberates through the universe, through the sound fields infinitely.

This turning point is a time for you to come into your inner peace, your strength and the power of your wisdom. Use your power wisely.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Story of An Angel

"Give of yourself as the Angels do,
and wonderful things will come to you."
- Ramadan

The following is an Angelic Message that has been excerpted from a personal reading that was channeled in spoken word by Rev. Ana Jones. This message has been transcribed and edited into written word for the purpose of sharing it with a wider audience. All personal information has been removed leaving only the universal wisdom teachings that can apply to us all.


A Message from the Angel Sarah
Channeled by Ana Jones

I hear the sound of the children, the child inside of you, the children in your life and the children of this world. I hear them all as one voice. I hear their laughter I hear their tears.

It is I, the Angel named Sarah, that chooses to speak to you.

The reason why the small minute details of ones life purpose needs to come about through your own personal realization is because your truth needs to be fully empowered within you. The only truths that are fully empowered in you are the ones that you, yourself have come to realize through your life experience, through direct self-realization. All other truths that you carry with you as truth you have some doubt about on some level. You have many truths inside of you that you accept as truth but yet simultaneously it is not fully empowered because there are doubts or fears around those truths or lack of realization around those truths

There are ways that we angels get around these things, through telling stories, through helping you in ways that you are not aware of, through bringing you dreams, through continuously guiding and directing you in your path.

Let me tell you a story, a story about myself, why I was created, who I am.

The name Sarah is just a name. It is a name I have given to you because you have given to me. You gave it to me long ago because of what it means and because of the strength that it conjures up and creates inside of you. I am eternal as are you. There has never been a time in which we have not been together. I was created for the purpose of being in relationship, to manifest love throughout the universe through relationships, through my relationship with you. In manifesting love in that relationship and manifesting love in our lives, I fulfill that purpose.

I was created also to be the one who listens, who is a great listener. We share this in common as well. There is great power in my listening. It is often taken for granted because oftentimes people think of angels and their greatest gifts as what they have to give. My greatest gift is not always what I give to you, but my ability to receive, my ability to listen. This is the action I am most empowered at. The way in which I listen is different than just hearing something. I listen by allowing all of those energies, all of those vibrations, all of those sounds, all of those essences to move through my being and be transformed by each and every one of them so that when it is time for me to give, I know what to give, when to give and how to give it. Especially to the children of the world.

You are an eternal child of God, that child inside of you is eternal, never grows old, weary, can never be harmed, can never be burned by fire or wet by water. That child can still nonetheless through compassion and love, weep for the suffering of others and this is also what I do in my listening. I often shed cleansing tears so to speak, in an absence of a way to describe it to you, as it is an energy that comes off of me. It is for cleansing sake, it is for purification sake. I have this role to play. When it comes time for me to give something back, it is cleansing and purifying. This is what I call healing.


There is so much toxicity, unbelievable amounts of toxicity, physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual toxicity that is influencing the child within you and your ability to connect to that true child of God that you are. There is so much toxicity that is having a profound affect on the children of this world. No one is listening like I am listening.

One of the things that I will be doing to help you move into fulfilling your part of this purpose is to help you to listen more. You are afraid of listening the way that you have the potential to listen because of how sensitive you are. You have not yet learned that you can take all of that in as long as you are transmuting it and giving light back. You are afraid of it hurting you. I can tell you as your own toxicity clears, you become connected to your soul that infinite eternal child of God that you ultimately are, those fears will dissolve and be seen as what they really are: illusion! False Evidence Appearing Real.

So listening is the key, but not just listening to others, listening more to your Self. The time of deep self-exploration and transformation is now!

These levels of toxicity that I am speaking of that are happening on all levels of your being that are affecting you and each and every being on this planet, it needs to be decreased, especially in helping the children deal with this toxicity for they are being affected by it more than any other human beings.

It is a smaller list for me to describe to you the things that are not creating the toxicity in their lives. The most important thing is to not just eliminate all the toxins, but to actually change their consciousness, change the way they think, the way they see and view reality. This brings about true healing which is true transformation. It is not just about removing environmental or chemical toxins, even though those are a part of it, but empowering yourself, educating yourself so that you can then empower and educate them to deal with those emotional, mental and spiritual toxins that also are there, to transform many of them.

It may be easy to remove a chemical toxin from a food source that the children may be eating, but it requires much more in dealing with the emotional, mental, and spiritual toxins. It requires transformation and helping them to see more who they are and to think about themselves and this world in a way that is truly in harmony with a life in balance. Before you can do that for them, you must be there yourself.


Destiny has it’s timing. All things happen within a greater timing sequence that is predestined for a reason. Through your fears, through your resistances you could make choices to slow and delay that timing but not to remove that timing. Even with great resistance on your part, the ultimate timing in which the manifestation of your destiny will take place will occur. You have chosen it long before this life and you have ensured it with an accord between your will and God’s will. You chose that your destiny be fulfilled, knowing full well that you would go through all that you have gone through, and that you would most likely resist in the myriad of ways that you resist.

This is the good news and it is the bad news. It is the good news because you can have faith and trust that you simply need to move along the path as you are guided. Grow; cultivate that seed of life and creativity that is growing within you. It is the bad news because some part of you does not accept. What you don’t accept I cannot tell you, you must answer that for yourself. It is the bad news because if you don’t accept- even if you see your destiny manifest before you, if one does not accept it, you can choose to ignore it and something else entirely starts to occur.

For example there are people whose destiny has manifested right before their eyes again and again and again and they have not accepted it. I will leave you to imagine what that creates and what kind of life they live. There is always free will in everything. Even though I have described to you that your will and God’s will have co-created this destiny to unfold itself and it will, even in that moment of unfoldment, your will must be to accept it regardless of what it takes, regardless of your fears, regardless of your resistance, regardless of whether it is practical or not practical.

The time to start working on becoming more accepting and working on deep acceptance in your life is right now. You must walk in full acceptance.


My role with the children of this world is to ensure also that they know and are given the tools to deal with what they know. I help the children of the world know what they are fully getting themselves into, what condition of the world they are inheriting and that they are not left alone to deal with that. With each generation that comes, comes an entirely new opportunity for peace in this world. It is like a new slate, a brand new slate and the world can be created in any way through that generation. They start creating it, they start creating the world, the current present world and their future world through their thoughts and beliefs and the experiences that they have, through the things that enter their minds, through the images that they see. The things that they hear have profound affects on them, more so than what they see. The sounds and the words they hear have more of an affect on them than anything they see or experience.

Part of my role and your role is to give them the tools, to help them to hear, to help them to see, and to be in a way that is going to help them create the future that they really want. They must create the world as it is in their hearts, a world of purity, a world of peace, a world of love, a world of laughter, a world of joy, a world in balance and harmony. It is not just with people because how can you expect people to be in balance with each other when people are out of balance and harmony with all other living things on this planet.

It doesn’t start with balancing your relationships with each other and then you’ll balance your relationships with all other things on the planet, it’s the opposite. You can’t do it. You can’t balance your relationships with each other without balancing your relationship with this planet and the other beings on it. It is just the way the system is set up.

It is not that I am limiting reality through what I am saying, there are certain sacred, and natural laws that the universe works within that all life within this earth and the universe must function within. Just like there are laws within your society that you must function within. These laws are beyond that because they are laws that cannot be broken. You can attempt to break them, you can try to break them, you can do everything in your power to go against them, you can use your will to directly ignore and deny them, but then you only receive the repercussions of that.

The time is now and the time is to come, as there is time still to make all the changes and the transformation, not a lot of time, but time, enough time.

I have not said all that you want to hear, but I have said all that you need to hear, here and now, for this stage in the journey. Know my love is a constant source of illumination. It is always there and is unconditional, all encompassing, because the love of God is always there for you, with you, and in you. It is always there and never goes away, it is only you that stops seeing it and feeling it. Energy goes where attention flows and where intention flows. Redirect your energy back to that love and miracles will happen.

A Message of Peace from Divino Maestro

"I can promise you that things are changing rapidly and that the way things are now will be very different than the way they were, and they will be very very different in the future…completely transformed." - Divino Maestro as channeled by Rev. Ana Jones

"Dear Ones. I have come in response to your prayers to speak this message to you today. I wish to begin this message with a simple teaching that is to bring you peace and to help you with all that you ask. The teaching is to ask you to become as a child for when you become as a child you shall enter the kingdom of heaven and I wish to explain this teaching to you. The kingdom of heaven is within. The kingdom of heaven is in your own soul…in your true self…it is in you and it is your nature. This nature, this heavenly nature, this divine nature that is within is the source of all peace. The place of all peace and it is very important to access it, to live from it, and to always be connected to this divine nature within you, this Supreme Spirit Soul residing within you and as I said in this simple teaching becoming as a child. Being a child, the child that you are, the divine child that you are is one of the keys to living in this peace, to being in this peace.

When I say become as a child I am referring to many things that I will explain here today. First, is that type of openness and acceptance that you see in children. This kind of openness and acceptance to take everything in. Be open and receptive to everything. This is the consciousness of a child. This is the heart of a child and this is the same heart and consciousness that is the key to living within that kingdom of heaven and to manifesting the kingdom of heaven here on earth. There will be many, many things required for this, but this is one spiritual key to be as a child. Accepting and trusting, with an open mind and open heart allowing everything in.

Another very important aspect that I am speaking of has to do with trust and faith. While your faith is strong it is to grow even stronger and while your faith is as strong as it is in its growth, it will become broader and deeper. Trust and faith go hand in hand. The kind of trust and faith that a child has is not naïve but is pure and is innocent none the less.

Humility is not in any way shape or form thinking less of yourself and devaluing yourself thus you must look at ways in which you are doing this. It is very important to be in a state of child-like humility and selflessness, while making sure that you have a self to give and that you are preserving and protecting first and foremost yourself so that you have a self to give. Your soul, your nature, the nature of this kingdom of heaven that is within is eternal…it is eternal!

Your commitment to the kingdom of heaven, your commitment to your soul, to your true self is the commitment to live in this truth and to remember is the process of remembering and going into the awareness of the child...the consciousness of a child. This does not mean that you leave behind the wisdom and the discernment of all that you have grown and all that you have experienced and all that you’ve accumulated. Quite the contrary for the divine child that has the ability to live within the kingdom of heaven and to enter the kingdom of heaven and reside there is The Child of Wisdom.

The Child of Wisdom uses all wisdom, not taking your self seriously, but taking the wisdom seriously. What I mean by “not taking yourself seriously,” is to not thinkso much of the worldly ideas of self…the mind, the intellect and all the things that you normally think of when you think of self…knowing that all of those things are of this world and of the material nature. Knowing that all of those things of this world and of this material nature are not your true self.

In order to remember who you are, spiritual life and spiritual practice is essential. Yes, these things require commitment and perseverance and persistence. However, spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation also require child-like qualities…joy, play, laughter, song. Sing a song, sing to the earth, sing to the elements, sing to the water and the wind, sing to the Divine that is everywhere…all around you. Songs of praise, songs of joy, songs of gratitude, songs within your own heart, the song of your heart, let it spring forth let it come forth like the prayer of your heart. Let it come forth like a spring, coming forth bubbling up out of the earth letting it bubble up out of your heart, letting it come forth out of your heart, pray the prayers of your heart. Put those prayers out there with sincerity and yet with that same kind of openness, trust, faith and joy of a child. Sing, laugh, and play where you are with the sacred land and the sacred place that you have been given that is connected to your mission and your destiny. Interact, relate as a child… see through the eyes of a child.

Think of the term of “beginners mind.” I use this term to describe to you the sight of a child. When a child sees something for the very first time it is this beginners mind that is used to see and to perceive and that is experiencing something. You have a long history with the people you are connected to. Because of this history it is very easy to loose this beginner’s mind. It can be easy to loose the sight and vision of the child and yet, it is key to entering the kingdom of heaven and living within the kingdom of heaven not only for you but for all who inevitably will learn this and come to their own realizations about this in their own ways. The spiritual enlightenment journey takes everyone to this point at some stage along the way and their own realizations coming to them about this.

Because of your personal history, it is easier to identify with your history and to see things based upon all the knowledge and the perception of the past that is there. Beginners mind, the child’s mind, sees each and every day, each and every experience as if it is a new experience! In the moments in which you have been able to do this you have transcended and transformed and I am encouraging you and giving you guidance today to truly focus your energy, your attention and your intention on increasing your ability to wake up each and every day and see every day as a new day ---- see it through that beginners mind.

Approach everything as if it is a new opportunity and a new beginning with a new situation because truly it is. Truly in each moment you have an entire new moment, an entire gift that is being given to you which is why ‘the present’ is called ‘the present’ because it is a gift. It is called ‘the present’ because it is a present to you…a gift to you that is anew.

A child does not know how to take the past and project the past into the present and project the past into the future. A child learns projection, it is conditioned and taught to them. This is not the way it was designed to be. Do not project the past into the present or into the future. Do not take the past and bring it in, in any way, to your vision of how things are now or how things will be.

I can promise you that things are changing rapidly and that the way things are now will be very different than the way they were and they will be very, very different in the future…completely transformed. A transformed vision is what is required to participate in this great transformation consciously. A transformed vision is what is required in order to fully fulfill all that you have come here to be, all that you have come here to do and to live within that kingdom of heaven and to manifest that kingdom of heaven here on earth.

You are to manifest the kingdom of heaven here on earth and it starts by living it within your own being. By living it within your own temple, within your own body, within your own mind.

You refer to this as peace and I am using the term kingdom of heaven to describe it to you because it is peace that is so much more. What I am describing to you is the peace…deep, serene, profound peace, unending, impenetrable peace but also wholeness, completion, love all of these are as one in the kingdom and the experience of living within the kingdom of heaven…your true nature…your birthright.

I encourage you to regularly and routinely make time to just connect and commune with yourself and with power sights and power places upon the earth where the energies are most conducive for prayer and meditation, where the energies are most conducive for connecting with that peace within, connecting, feeling and realizing the kingdom of heaven that is within. I encourage you to seek out the most peaceful, serene, powerful, energetic sights on the land around you. Go to these places of prayer and mediation for you and in your meditation quiet yourself through your breathing.

First begin to breathe in and out and in the inhale taking in as a child, accepting all that is and all that is around you and allowing yourself to just take it all in with the inhale…with the in breath and on the exhale, extending yourself, extending your love, extending your compassion, extending your light out to connect with all that is around you, all that is within you and all that is around you are interconnected and this simple breathing meditation will help to help focus you, quiet you and then just breathe once you have done this a few times inhaling drawing everything in connecting with all that is around you and taking it in and then exhaling taking all that is within you and connecting it with all that is around you externally.

Once you have done this for some time, for as much as feels right to you then just continue to breathe, relax, quieting the mind, going beyond the mind and into the heart.

It is your mind that is disturbed. It is your mind that is feeling the disturbance. It is your mind that is creating the disturbance that you feel and experience. In particularly it is certain aspects of the mind, the aspect of the mind that is the ego. It plays a very important role in the whole but it is not who you are and it is also just as important to learn to bypass it or to transcend it through meditation, through self-awareness, through spiritual life and spiritual practice. Go into what I refer to as your sacred heart.

The sacred heart is the seat of the soul, not your physical heart, not the heart of your physical body but the sacred heart which is the seat of your soul…going within that through the meditation in this place where these energies are conducive to live and to be and to connect with the kingdom of heaven within you and then once you have done this through silent meditation opening your eyes, coming out of the mediation open your eyes and see with the eyes of a child even if you have seen the plants, the trees, the land, the landscape, the stones, the dirt, the soil of this place thousands and thousands of times attempt to see it with that beginners mind through the eyes of the child as you come out of the meditation as if you are seeing it for the very first time.

See the beauty, smell the sweetness in the air, the beauty that is all around you. Allow yourself to see that with that eyes of the child and then sing, sing and laugh and play. It does not matter what or how but complete this process in this way and do this for a period of time, as much as you possibly can, and it will begin to establish a pattern, a new pattern as what is needing to shift and change our old patterns.

The transformation of this happening and occurring within you and around you and on the entire planet is to create completely new patterns of ways of being, of ways of living as the frequency of heaven on earth is being set into place. The kingdom of heaven is energetically already happening and over time, is being made manifest. The full embodiment of spirit into matter is what I am speaking of and describing. Some refer to this and call this the ascension of the earth and it is in my view and in my terminology a very good word to describe this.

You are here where you are as the soul and the spirit of who you are to experience and to play a role in this earth ascension and there are no accidents indeed. There are no accidents, everything is for a reason, and while this is something to be taken in reverence, it is also simultaneously important to receive all of this knowledge, to have all of this wisdom, to take all of this and move with it, act with it as a child…as the Divine Child that is your birthright and is your nature.

Heal the sadness that is within you, the medicines of laughter, the medicines of song, the medicines of dance, the medicines of play…these are the medicines to heal that sadness and to transform it and to transcend it once and for all and for ever more and eventually these medicines that I have described to you will take higher and higher forms of expression of which you will understand as you progress through the stages of enlightenment, as you progress through the stages of ascension and as you and all of the others who are meant to play the role in the earth ascension, play your role and do what you are meant to do…you are offering yourself in service.

Service is another quality of the Divine Child that is a great and magnificent quality that you already have…the desire to serve. This quality of the Divine Child is to selflessly receive and the selflessly give…unconditional love. This is love without attachments, it is love without conditions placed on it. Love without attachments to any outcome or to any result true, unconditional selfless love is already a gift that you have and it is something that you are meant to master in this life. I wish to remind you in this message today that you are loved. You are loved unconditionally in a way that is all encompassing for who you are.

This love I have for you, this love I give to you, this love is yours and you are only limited in receiving it and only limited in giving it by any conditions that you place upon yourself and by any conditions that you place on your own love for yourself. So, I ask you to look at the conditions that you place upon yourself…the limitations that are there because of the conditions that you have drawn on how much you love yourself. Allow yourself to receive the love that is there for you. Look at these conditions and limitations that you have placed. Identify them. Be honest and truthful with yourself about them, knowing that being honest and truthful about these limitations and about these conditions is true humility and once you have identified them, clear them, clear them on all levels----this is something that will take time.

The clearing will happen first and foremost on the spiritual for through the process of becoming aware of these conditions that you are placing on your love for yourself and on receiving this unconditional love through the process of awareness on the spiritual level, it will immediately transform through that awareness. It will immediately clear through the awareness alone. However, on the emotional, mental and physical level of which there also needs to be clearing of these there will need to be further steps taken and the proper guidance will come to you when that time comes. Listen, listen to the guidance that is coming. Again, this is an act of a child, to take it all in…to listen, to receive all that is there, to honor it and accept it. As you listen it will help to also connect you more to this peace. Listening to the still, small voice within is the voice of peace. Peace is not something that can be maintained externally unless it is maintained internally.

I have given you a great deal of information here today. It is not meant to be just information but to be a teaching for you to take much more deeply than what these words initially can do. I ask you to take these teachings and put them into practice. Take them to your heart, the sacred heart that I have described, the seat of your soul. Go deeper into prayer, go deeper into meditation. The depth of prayer for you goes beyond petitioning prayer and into prayers of praise. The more you go into prayer of gratitude and prayers of praise, the deeper your experience through prayer will be and all that you can access through prayer and it will become yet another access to the kingdom of heaven for you.

All of these accesses that I’ve described to you today; all of these keys that I have described to you today that are so important will eventually give way to an experience of the kingdom of heaven that becomes an on-going experience, that becomes an on-going perception and an on-going way of being, way of living in this world. For what I am describing to you is a way of living in this world and a way of being who you are that facilitates the manifestation of heaven on earth and the manifestation of the kingdom of heaven within as your daily reality. As the only true reality of the mind, body and senses and all aspects of your being and this is the spiritual shift and the spiritual transformation that you are undergoing and that all upon the planet are undergoing in this journey of enlightenment or what I would also call the Great Ascension.

In this Great Ascension you are all being lifted into the light: higher and higher frequencies and vibrations of pure love and this is what I give to you today. It is my gift to you today and my gift to you every day. I give you this pure love, this pure light a source of all peace, of all that is. Receive it dear one through the eyes and the ears and the open arms of the child that you are, the Divine Child that you are.

Thank you for your service and for your selflessness."

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Offerings of Gratitude

Dear Friends, I am now sharing with all of you a special message from the Archangel Michael that I channeled a few years ago that applies even more today than ever before. I published this message in chapter 6 of my self-published book 'The Teaching of Archangel Michael: A Handbook for Humanity.' If you have the book then you can read the full message of what came before and after these teachings. Also published in the book is a step by step outline of the very simple yet profoundly powerful ritual/ceremony that Archangel Michael describes in this message. If you do not have the book and would like to order a copy please go to my online webstore at

In this message, Archangel Michael reveals to us that we are all needing to do ceremony as a part of our daily lives in order to restore balance once again. According to the angels, things are really out of balance right now in our culture and in our world, and this indicates an imbalance within us. AA Michael describes this as the imbalance between our giving and receiving, and in this message provides a detailed ceremony that he recommends we all do as many times as needed for bringing our inner masculine and feminine, our giving and receiving back into balance. In the process/ceremony that Archangel Michael gives us there is one thing that stands out to me as the key to the success of the ritual---GRATITUDE. As we see in this sacred ceremony, it is gratitude that opens our hearts and makes all things possible.I encourage you all to seek the guidance of the Angels, Guides, & Masters working with you in your life, as they can help to bring us peace, balance, and certainty during these uncertain times. Be grateful for all the blessings in your life and the role that these wonderous beings play in helping to bring those blessings about.Blessings of Love, Light, & Gratitude,
Rev. Ana Jones

Message from Archangel Michael
Balancing Our Giving & Receiving through Offerings of Gratitude

"Adonai Elohim Adonai, Elohim, Adonai, Elohim. It is I the Archangel Michael that speaks these sacred words. I resonate and vibrate these two sacred names of God for you to hear at this time and for those vibrations to be felt within your heart. These are two names of innumerable names that represent and call upon directly the one true infinite source of all sources, cause of all causes, the one true being of all beings, essence of all that is divine, God of all forms and of all creations.

I start this message with the Adonai Elohim chant because you ask me for a meditation. You ask me to continue in my message about ceremony and ritual and this is the first part of the meditation that I will give you, the first part of a practice in which I encourage you to do, each and every human being upon this planet. I encourage this practice every day of your lives: a ritualistic ceremonial practice, a meditative practice of reciting aloud and silently. Chanting, harmonizing, toning, repeating, stating whatever holy name of the Divine that speaks to you, that connects you. Repeating it again and again and again as a way of keeping you connected in this time.

This Age in which you find yourself living is the age of winter, the age of darkness, the age of the decline of consciousness also known as the Iron Age. Also known as the Age of Kali, the goddess who oversees life, creation and destruction. In this age, as I have spoken, there is a decline of consciousness, a decreasing, a waning of the light that is natural in this age, similar to the time period in winter. It is a natural age just as there are seasons of the day, seasons of the moon, seasons of the year, seasons of one’s life.

The ages that the earth goes through is also broken down in similar seasons that cover and expand over vast time periods. This season, this age that humanity finds itself in began only 5000 years ago and extends many thousands of years still into the future. Similar to the winter it is the time of the waning of the light, like the winter solstice. The time of the waning of the light, but also considered to be a very auspicious time for great growth and great expansion to take place. A time where it is more needed than ever that the light be generated, called upon, and invoked. The work of raising one’s consciousness is be the most important, great work, and in this age, this season, it has just begun. You have not even reached the time period of the greatest waning which the new moon and the winter solstice represents. If you think of the energies of the new moon and you think of the energies of the winter solstice you will understand what the energies of this age are and of what is still to come.

The practices of regular ritual, ritual that is intentional, focused with intention to continue to generate light and to raise consciousness and to connect you are very important. In previous ages, such as the Golden Ages, it has been incredibly easy for those who lived to maintain consciousness and awareness. Incredibly easy to maintain connection and awareness of your interrelations with all things and with us and your most important relationship of all, to The Divine, one, true God of all being, of all faiths.

It is possible and it is ordained for there to be a Golden Age within this age, for there to be a Golden Age within the Age of Iron, a summer within the winter. Many light workers, many healers, many teachers, many ministers and many people of all faiths all over the world are acting and serving and working in the truth of that one true light. The one true light that does not exclude anyone but includes all, working within it, as part of the Golden Age within this Iron Age.

The few years between now and the year 2012 are vitally important in the creation of the Golden Age. Setting the structure, setting the foundation for that to be. You will not see it manifest during this time. Think of it as if you are building it from the foundation and you are building it on the etheric level. Think of it as an umbrella within the storm which many, many will come to know and come to experience. But the age of Kali, this Iron Age, this winter that you are finding yourself in, this winter of consciousness, this waning of the light, it is yet increasing and will continue to increase as well. The effects on all of you, even those reading this who have been on a spiritual path for a long time, the effects of this will be very powerful and can be very deceiving and very deluding. This is the reason why I repeatedly, again and again, tell you the importance of daily spiritual practice, of daily ritual, of ceremony, of meditation and of prayer.

Meditation and prayer are easy places to begin and start out with for daily practice. However, it does take commitment and dedication for there will be all things that can deter you. Everything possible that can deter you from that practice will come along your path from time to time. This is the reason why ceremony and ritual are also important as a way of focusing that prayer and meditation and also as a way to continue to dedicate yourself to your regular practice and to your visions and your purpose in life.

I encourage you to do dedication ceremonies, ceremonies where you dedicate your intentions and powerfully state your will. One powerful dedication ceremony that is performed regularly amongst all the human race is the wedding ceremony. It is when two people dedicate themselves to one another. Dedicate their intentions and make vows to one another. Ceremonies like this are not intended to just be performed only once in a couples life. Nor is it to be the only type of dedication ceremony that one will experience in ones life, for there are so many other things that you need to dedicate yourselves to. Open your creativity to where you have the creative flow coming through, the intuition coming through because you will need to create some of these rituals and ceremonies for yourselves. You will not find them in a book, you will not find them being offered by others though there are those teachers and ministers who are being called to create new ceremonies and new rituals in order to serve the needs of the people during this modern age.

Ceremonies that dedicate yourself to your higher purpose, to your higher calling, to your great work even if you do not know what that is, you begin by doing a ceremony of dedicating yourself to know your great work and to live that and to do that no matter what it takes. Simply doing a ceremony where THAT is your dedication, where THAT is the vow you make. And doing that and making that vow and coupling that with the making of an offering in whatever way is right. It can be through an offering of lighting a candle, or an offering of something that you give to the earth. Anything that comes from your heart and has meaning and symbolism to you and whose symbolism has deep meaning that speaks deep into your unconscious mind will be valuable. The power of what you set into motion will be beyond what your comprehensive mind will be able to comprehend and understand. You will set energies into motions. Do dedication ceremonies for anything that you wish to dedicate yourself to, for anything in which you are struggling with. You can use journaling as a tool to help you get clear on what it is that you want to say and want to dedicate yourself to.

Also important in addition to dedication ceremonies are purification ceremonies and rituals that help to give back and balance the great imbalance that exists between so much of human kind and the earth. There is a sacred law, a natural law, a universal law, that all must live within. And that is in order for all things to be in balance there must be a balance of giving and receiving. That which you give and that which you receive must be kept in balance. This balance has been thrown off now for quite some time and will intensify during this age of which I am speaking. This imbalance will intensify unless you do some form of ritual, prayer, or meditation regularly. Focus your will and your intention on being in balance and bringing this imbalance of that which is given and that which is received back into harmony once again.

One of the ways in which this can be done, and there are many ways, is through simple rituals where you offer back something to the earth for all that you have received. You may not necessarily think that you receive much or that you take much from the earth, but the modern lives in which most of the people listening to this and who will come into contact with these words, the modern lives which you lead takes great amounts from the earth, each and every one of you. In order for this balance to be restored, you must give back. It doesn’t have to be great things at first, but small things done in a great way. For the healing and the restoration and also the creation of the Golden Age within this Iron Age depends upon not necessarily what you do, but how you do it, the consciousness in which you do it. Small things done in a great way with great intention, with great love, with great sincerity, with great compassion will have just as much an effect as any large thing that you could do or offer.

I say 'that you could do,' because it is also a possibility that you are offering back your ritual as an action in the world. An action that you choose to take for your rituals can very well be actions that you choose to take to serve this world. But there also needs to be the other types of rituals, the small offerings. So what I am going to do, is outline for you a ritual that you can do, that anyone can do and encourage anyone and everyone who hears of this ritual to do it once, twice, as much as you like, as much as you can whenever you feel you need it.

There is preparation for this ritual. First and foremost the intention of this ritual is to bring you back into balance, to bring this imbalance that I have been speaking of back into harmony once again. To bring you into balance with remembering who you are, with remembering what you need to remember. And to bring you into balance with your dharma, your purpose within this age. Each of you hearing this message or who may read these words from this message or are coming across this, it is being brought into your path because you have a specific role and purpose that you are playing within this age for the creation of the Golden Age within the Iron Age. It will also align you with Divinity in such a way that can bring you great insight, vision, and intuition.

For preparation, first begin with the day before choosing to do this ritual. The day before fast from all foods except fruits and vegetables that are raw and super fresh and alive. Begin also the day before by bathing or showering oneself in Rose water. Also do this on the day you do the ritual, before performing the ritual. Rosewater can be pre-made or rosewater can be made simply through soaking rose petals in water. The day of performing the ritual, bathe yourself in this rosewater and apply to all of the energy centers of your body, the essence or essential oil of angelica or white angelica. Wear the color of white as your dominant color of clothing, but pick any other color that connects to you that may have meaning or purpose to you that you would also add as an accent. And pick ahead of time a power place for you, preferably a place where all of the elements are present: earth, air, water, and fire. And if it is a place where you cannot have fire or build fire, do the ceremony during the day on a day in which the sun is high in the sky and the fire is there present in the light of that sun. Doing it in a power place also is important and anytime that you can do this ceremony at a time that is in alignment with sacred time, sacred times for the earth or sacred high holy days attributed to religious spiritual days, special days of significance. Equinoxes, solstices, new moons, full moons, eclipses, as well as any other significant holy days. Any day will work for this ritual, but to get the most effect of it, align yourself with a sacred space and sacred time. It may also be a sacred time for you such as a birthday, an anniversary, an anniversary of a passage or a transformation, or anniversary of a death. It may also be a sacred time for you personally, anything that makes it sacred to you. Take with you offerings, an offering for the earth, for the air, for the fire, for the water.

For the water take sea salt, for the earth take cornmeal, for the air take a feather to be offered to the air and for the fire take wood, wood that you have chosen specifically as an offering and that you offer with specific intentions of gratefulness and thankfulness.

One of the main things that you also need to give back is your gratitude. When these things are offered, when you go to the sacred space, on this sacred time, with these offerings, offer them to the earth, air, fire, and water with great gratitude for all that you have received. Offer them with humility, with gratitude, with compassion, with love. Be truly thankful for the many blessings in your life and the complete interdependence of all of those blessings and the very fact that your life is dependent upon the earth and the air and the fire and the water.

Then also take an offering for all of the angels and guides that work in your life. For all of the angels and guides that are in a relationship with you that are constantly there in your company, in your presence at all times, being with you, loving you, working with you side by side. Doing with you, not for you, but with you, as your constant companions in the spiritual world. Take an offering and offer it with the same gratitude of giving something back, with the same attitude of gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation, humility and love. Let that offering be whatever speaks to you. It could be a crystal or a stone of some kind. It could be anything that represents that to you but make sure it is not anything that will harm the earth, as you will be leaving this offering behind. You will not take it back with you for you must give something here. Make sure it is something natural and pure. For that is what the nature of our relationship is with you and that is the nature of who we are. Our nature is natural and pure. In fact we are known, we are recognized through our purity, through our clarity. So remember that in the choosing of your offering.

And last but certainly not least, for in essence it is the most important, bring an offering in which you offer to the Creator, to the God of all beings, of all life of all creation, the Divine Mother and Father of the entire universe. The most important thing when choosing this offering once again is to make sure that it is pure and natural and that you offer your love, that you offer your love. Gratitude will help get you there. Concentrate on 108 prayers of gratitude that you offer to the Creator. And after the 108 prayers of gratitude your heart will be open enough to be able to offer your love and your praise.

Through praising you offer your love and this brings me full circle to the way that I began this message. Through the reverberation of those holy name vibrations, through the holy names of the Creator praise and love can be offered and connection and communion can come into being. Union with the Divine, within your own soul for truly you are one, your soul and the Lover of Soul. You truly are one. After making all of those offerings, sit in silence. Meditate on your breath and be fully present in the moment. Take in the fullness of the moment, listening to all sounds, feeling all feelings. In that meditation which is also a meditation that you can do at all times, focus on quieting your mind, but heightening your awareness, to where all that you see, all that you hear, all that you feel, all that you smell, all that is stimulating your being is perceived as God’s touch. Perceived as the Creator everywhere. Omnipresent, Omnipotent, all around you and within you. There will be peace in this state, there is love in this state, and there is joy, joy of connection, joy of union and communion. If you attempt to do this meditation after making your offerings and you still do not reach some semblance of what I described, then return to prayer and in your prayers purify yourself through offering over all the things that burden you through offering over, giving it over, giving it away those fears, those doubts, the anger, the pessimism, the cynicism, the worry, the anxiety, whatever it is. Pray until you feel it release and shift. Until at least in that moment and in that moment is the most important moment for current moment is the only moment, in that moment you have given it away and then return to the meditation once again.

If you are in a power place that is not only a power place for you but is also a vortex of energy, a power place for the earth and you do this meditation you will find it much easier to do. Currently, the energetic body of the earth is being realigned to help to compensate for the things that are being done to the physical body of the earth by the harm that is being done by unconscious human action. The energy body is being changed. The energy body is being transformed. There is currently the undergoing of new power places on this earth and transformation of some of the places that used to be power places that will no longer be. The new power places will come into being. There will actually be some shifts in the locations of some of the chakras within the earth. But then there are those chakras that will remain that have been chakras, vortexes of energy, power places on the earth for a great long period of time, long before this age and will continue through this age. Those chakras, those power places, the energies there are being amplified and being made stronger than ever before. At some point in time everyone who is in alignment with this message will be called to connect with them and to do ceremony and ritual. Either the one that I have outlined here or others that you will create or will be channeled through in the future in those places for your personal healing and balance, for the earth’s healing and re-balance, for the healings of all beings everywhere and for the re-establishment of heaven on earth during this age of the waning.

For the victory of the light I offer this message to you. Victory to that light and to all beings everywhere."

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wealth In The Here & Now

"Spiritual currency is gratitude, the more gratitude you have, the more grateful you are, the wealthier you are!" - Archangel Uriel

Aloha Everyone! Happy Fall Equinox!

Here is the Fall Issue of my Celestial Voice - Angelic Messenger Newsletter. In this issue I am continuing to share with you messages that I have channeled this year from the many Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters pertaining to our economy and the greater paradigm shift that is taking place. Posted below is a very recent message from Archangel Uriel. This message has been excerpted from a personal reading that was channeled in spoken word and edited into written word with the intention of sharing it with a wider audience. All personal information has been removed leaving only the universal wisdom teachings that can apply to us all during these times of transformation.

In this message and many others I have channeled from the Angels this year, they directly address the important issue of our Economy, and share with us many universal themes that all of the Angels are attempting to teach us right now. The Angels continue to bring through messages to me on a daily basis, they are reassuring us not to act out of fear in these times of upheaval. They encourage us to be in gratitude and to be generous in these times in order to bring things back into balance once again.

I encourage you all to seek the guidance of the Angels, Guides, & Masters working with you in your life, as they can help to bring us certainty during these uncertain times. The subject of his message is one that is relevant to all of us. May the wisdom contained within this newsletter help you on your own personal spiritual path.
Blessings of Love & Light, Rev. Ana Jones


" I bring to you today the divine white light that is the light associated with my energy and associated with my presence, offering to you once again the blessing of this light to guide you through these words, to guide your path, and every step that you take. It is the divine white light that is my gift to you and it is being received in many ways through these words as well as through an energy transmission, as well as through an energetic upgrade for lack of better terms…to put it in terms of which you can understand in your modern day society and technology. The Divine is giving you an energetic upgrade, upgrading your inner operating systems, re-creating your image of yourself, your ideas, your values, your principles, your truths. You are being upgraded on all levels of your being to the resonance of pure truth, of pure light.

I am the archangel Uriel, your friend and your companion.

The gratitude that fills your heart at this time, it is the fuel for your continued growth. Focus on it, let it grow bigger and greater as it is touching your heart deeply, it is expanding your heart. Gratitude is opening your heart up to more and more blessings that are meant to be given and received to you, through you and by you. Gratitude is like the currency for all in The Universe. Just like you have the currency of money that allows everything to be accessed by you in your current day, culture, and society, there is a currency in the spiritual world also. The spiritual currency is not a material thing. It has no material form. The spiritual currency is gratitude and the more gratitude you have, the more grateful you are… the wealthier you are! The more prosperous, abundant, and sustained in that abundance you are because it is the currency that brings you true wealth. Gratitude is the currency that opens up the access to everything that you are inviting, opening to, and welcoming into your life. Feel it, express it and let it be the currency that you base your daily life upon…. being grateful for all that you have and all that you are in the moment, here and now.

You are being asked to live in the now…to be fully present more than any time previously in this lifetime. Your financial situation is requiring this of you. The spiritual lessons that you are learning are requiring this of you. The lessons you are learning to develop and grow in the path that you are pursuing are requiring this of you.

Releasing of the fears for what might be, or what could be, fears for the future, fears that come from the past…releasing of those fears is an essential part of living in the present. In fact, allowing yourself to be fully present, coming into your presence in the now; being in your presence in the now is the way to dissolve those fears of the past and for the future.

Past, present and future truly are one. They are not the way that you think of them and that you perceive of them in your culture and society in this linear way. They all interconnect…the place where they interconnect is the now. That place of which the past, present and future interconnect and become one is the now and it is all there is.

Do not be afraid to make investments in yourself, your life path, and your life purpose, with the money you have saved for your future because the future is in the now. To save and to put aside money for specific goals and intentions; this is a wise and frugal thing to do, especially from the material standpoint. However, there is also this misconception that you must save for your future. The misconception lies in the thinking that the present, ‘the now’ is not the future. For indeed it is. And so it is, every moment.

This truth is what you are waking up to… learning that “in the now” everything that you think, say, do, feel, want, intend, and use your will for; has a ripple effect throughout all of time. Here in the now you set things into motion of what will be. Not just for tomorrow, but throughout the whole wheel of time, past, present, and future.

One of the reasons why you and so many others have not been ready to wake up to this is because of the responsibility that waking up to this truth brings. It brings a great level of responsibility! That you must be responsible for every thought, word, action, deed, feeling, intention, use of your will, and use of your creative power that was given to you through your free will. This does not mean that everything has to be serious, quite the contrary. It is a shifting out of everything being so serious and taken so seriously and into a lightening that is also happening in your life.

Accept the responsibility of living in the now and all of that which spiritual empowerment and spiritual enlightenment brings to you.

Accept the responsibilty with a light heart, with a grateful heart, with a lightness in your body, a smile on your face, a laughter in your voice.

Accept that responsibility for so many have resisted fully awakening and fully living in the now as an empowered co-creator of their reality because of the fear of this responsibility and because of the misjudgment that being responsible means that you will not have a joyful life, thinking that you cannot enjoy.

Oh, it is true, you will not enjoy things the same. It changes. Enjoyment becomes much, more fulfilling. This is what you are seeking…you are seeking fulfillment. There are lots of things that can be enjoyed without any long lasting fulfillment and those things, while they are important in different stages of one’s life…it is crucially important to seek the level of joy that you are seeking; that brings you the level of fulfillment that your soul desires.

Continue to seek relationships with people and organizations that are in alignment with you. However, know that no matter what, no matter where you go, no matter how much alignment there is; that there will still be negative energies, opposing forces, dark forces for lack of any better word to use for them. Not dark in the sense of no light but in the sense that the light is being obscured, the light is being shadowed or overshadowed, shadow forces maybe yet be an even better terminology to use to describe this to you. All energies and entities are ultimately of the light, in the light, attracted to the light and attracted by the light…all energies and all entities. This is an important lesson to learn and to always be aware of.

Yet, in this day and age, you will not be able to find any anyone or any place for which those shadow energies are not there, to some degree. Your own self included, because the shadow energies are also in you. You have a shadow just as everyone else does and the journey of enlightenment is the journey of taking all aspects that are within that shadow and returning it to the light. This is why it is called enlightenment. In the light…everything in and of that light nothing remaining in the shadow.

So the next step for you is to not judge another’s shadow but to look within your own and to do some of your own shadow work, knowing that this will be many, many layers as it is for every human being. There are layers to the shadow. The shadows that you carry. The shadows that you have created. You’ve all created them, you all have them, this shadow side, the shadow self. Look to excavate the shadow, transform it to enlightenment.

Many fear the shadow because they think that there are great, terrible things there. While indeed some of your least favorite things about yourself have been pressed into your shadow, oppressed and suppressed into the shadow; what I can tell you is that it is lined with gold in the sense that what mostly it is made up of are all of the greatest gifts, strengths, powers, talents, traits that you have, powers, abilities that you have. Not only as human beings but as multi-dimensional spiritual beings that have been oppressed there, hidden there. In some cases hidden there to be kept “safe” for that day in which it was “safe” to return the back to the light.

All of those thoughts, all of the feelings that create something to be pushed into the shadow, all the decisions that have been made that created something of the shadow are not based in the light of truth. But regardless, they are your reality and the reality of what you are experiencing needs to be honored but so does the truth. The truth is that everything there needs to be brought into the light.

As the shadow is being healed and transformed into it’s original light state, there is work to do in the world. There are actions to take, others to meet. You are where you are. You are here, now. Make the most out of where you are here and now.

Experience the fullness of each and every step of the journey, for you are forgetting that ‘life purpose’ is not about a destination. It’s not about a goal…someplace that you are meant to go to, get to and do while you are there as much as it is about the journey itself. Are there points of completion along the path…yes. There will be many points of completion along the path and with every completion; a new beginning. It is on the journey that the purpose of life is fulfilled.

The more self realized you are, the greater capacity you will have to serve with true respect and greater gratitude. The greater your gratitude, your spiritual currency, that currency will draw into your life a multitude of experiences for you to have financial security.

Remember that money is energy and there is an abundance of it; even in times in which it seems that there’s not. This is one of the mistakes that people are making right now in regards to the economic changes that are happening in your society.

Are there times in which the tides are high and the tides are low, yes. The tides are real. These energetic tides sweep through everything they don’t just affect the ocean; they also affect your emotions, they also affect your bodies. The energetic tides affect your monetary system which is an energy-based system like everything else.

Is this a time period of low tide? Yes, absolutely.

Is low tide worse than high tide? No it depends upon how you make it, what you make of it; what you do with it. It is no better and no worse than high tide. In fact, great loss can also occur at high tide just as great loss can occur at low tide; depending upon how you work with it, what you do with it. In this time of low tide for the economic energies; for the economic systems, your economic models are needing to be transformed which is ultimately the reason why it is happening in the first place. It is time for a major upgrade and transformation to all operating systems!

Stop being afraid and embrace what this time is about! Consciously choose to act and react. Consciously choose what you want and what you want to create for yourself. By doing so, you will create a whole new energetic reaction to this time which will shift the energy flow.

It is not possible for any of you at this time to change the current of the tide but it is possible and probable, and you have been given many blessings and abilities to do so, for you to live abundantly and prosperously within it. This does not necessarily mean extravagance, for abundance and prosperity in your modern day world has become synonymous with extravagance for many people and you know that this not necessarily the case. They are not synonymous with each other. In fact, simplicity and living simply; naturally and simply, and allowing things to grow naturally, simply, organically…this can bring great abundance and prosperity. This is an abundant way to live life.

However, do not let the choices that you are making to live simply and to simplify your life, to simplify your finances, make you think in term of lack or feel in terms of lack. For when you think and feel as if you are lacking, you will only manifest more lack for you are denying the truth… you are repressing the gratitude for the abundance which is there already…pushing it into the shadow.

Clear from your own shadow any disrespect that may be there and you will not attract it in the same way again. But this does not mean that the shadow will not be present in the organizations and in the people you will be working with in the future…it will. I guarantee it. However, you will attract differently, manifest and co-create differently, as that which is in your own shadow is brought to the light and you will be able to react differently. Thus, you will be able to be a more empowered agent of change.

When I say clear out any disrespect that’s in your own shadow, this means any way in which you currently disrespect yourself or any one else. Respect is foundational. Respect and cooperation are at the very foundation and cornerstones that all of the angels, all of us are always teaching about…the foundation to all that we do…the foundation to all that you can do with each other in your relationships.

Bring it all into the light."

"You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it."
- Albert Einstein

"Money is energy. How you relate to it, whether you relate to it in fear or whether you relate to it in trust determines a great, great deal.... What you choose to consciously co-create can change everything!" - Archangel Michael